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Tony Bushby The Bible Fraud Pdf 71

Tony Bushby The Bible Fraud Pdf 71

Tony Bushby is an Australian author who has written several books on controversial topics related to Christianity, such as The Bible Fraud: An Untold Story of Jesus Christ, The Secret in the Bible, and The Crucifixion of Truth. In this article, we will focus on his book The Bible Fraud: An Untold Story of Jesus Christ, which claims to reveal the hidden history of Jesus and his twin brother, Judas Khrestus.

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What is The Bible Fraud about?

The Bible Fraud is a book that challenges the traditional views of Christianity and presents an alternative version of the life and teachings of Jesus. According to Bushby, Jesus was not a single person, but a composite figure based on two historical characters: Rabbi Jesus and his twin brother, Judas Khrestus. Bushby claims that these twins were born in 63 BC to a royal family of the Essenes, a Jewish sect that practiced celibacy and mysticism. He also claims that they were descendants of King David and Queen Cleopatra, and that they had connections to the Roman Empire and the Egyptian priesthood.

Bushby argues that Rabbi Jesus and Judas Khrestus were both initiated into the mysteries of the Essenes and the Egyptians, and that they traveled to various countries to spread their teachings. He also argues that they were both married and had children, and that their bloodlines have survived until today. He cites various sources to support his claims, such as ancient manuscripts, archaeological evidence, genealogical records, and secret documents from the Vatican archives.

Why is The Bible Fraud controversial?

The Bible Fraud is a controversial book because it contradicts the orthodox doctrines of Christianity and challenges the authority of the Church. Bushby accuses the Church of fabricating and manipulating the biblical texts to hide the truth about Jesus and his twin brother. He also accuses the Church of committing crimes such as murder, corruption, forgery, and debauchery throughout history. He claims that the Church has suppressed and destroyed any evidence that could expose its fraud, and that it has persecuted and killed anyone who dared to question its dogmas.

The Bible Fraud has been criticized by many scholars and theologians who have questioned its validity and accuracy. They have pointed out several errors and inconsistencies in Bushby's arguments, such as his misuse of sources, his lack of citations, his selective interpretation of evidence, his reliance on conspiracy theories, and his lack of academic credentials. They have also argued that Bushby's book is based on speculation and sensationalism, rather than on rigorous research and analysis.

Where can I find The Bible Fraud Pdf 71?

If you are interested in reading The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby, you can find a PDF version of the book online. However, you should be aware that this book is not widely available or accepted by most libraries or publishers. You should also be aware that this book may contain information that is offensive or inaccurate to some readers. Therefore, you should read this book with a critical mind and a discerning eye.

You can find The Bible Fraud Pdf 71 at [this link]. You can also find more information about Tony Bushby and his other books at [his website].

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