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The Office - Baby Sh...

Dwight acts out the process of childbirth with a watermelon so Michael can be prepared for the arrival of Jan's baby. Dwight eventually drops the watermelon from his apron, which bursts onto the floor. Michael insists that the Party Planning Committee arrange a shower just like they gave Phyllis for her wedding. Oscar deems the whole thing pointless as the baby isn't even related to Michael. Angela plans a "Guess Whose Baby Picture" game for the shower and gets angry when Andy unintentionally makes fun of her childhood picture. Stanley gets irritated at pregnant women in the office when they complain about swollen ankles, constant hunger, varicose veins, and nipple chafing. He has the same problems and doesn't make them complain about it to everyone.

The Office - Baby Sh...

When Jan arrives, everyone's surprised to see that her baby girl, Astrid, has already been born. The shower is held anyway with Michael doing his best to placate Jan by being cold to Holly (to whom he gave a head's up prior to the shower).

The office employees pitched in money to buy a stroller for Jan who has already bought a $1200 Orbit stroller. Dwight can't imagine a stroller should cost as much as his bomb shelter. He takes the Orbit out to test its durability. While the shower continues, he straps a watermelon into the stroller and pushes it into fences, throws it from small heights and ties it to the back of his car for a bumper test.

Michael loves children. He never misses an opportunity to hold one. But when he holds Astrid, he feels nothing. He seeks advice from another "baby-daddy," Darryl. Darryl explains that Michael doesn't have any attachment to Astrid because she's not his baby.

Usually, work baby showers are a great morale booster and an opportunity for co-workers to celebrate together. Most people love a good party! That said, sometimes a work baby shower is not a good fit.

A great alternative to an office baby shower is a virtual one, as these offer maximum flexibility. You can celebrate with in-office employees, as well as those working remotely. You can schedule the event for any time, any day, and everyone can be included. Overall, virtual showers are a simple, low-pressure way to say congratulations.

One way is to set up an office calendar or dry-erase board with a list of important upcoming milestones like birthdays and pregnancy due dates, so long as people are comfortable sharing this information. That way, everyone knows about these special days and can talk over who should plan each party.

Using a platform like WebBabyShower, you can create a beautiful and themed work baby shower invitation. And, the best part of the WebBabyShower invite is the built-in RSVP function to help you gather and organize responses quickly!

If you decide to plan a lunch outing for your work baby shower, consider asking everyone to pool their funds into one large item or generous gift card to the parent-to-be. This avoids the hassle of bringing gifts back-and-forth from the restaurant. Plus, the guest of honor will be thrilled to receive a big exciting gift!

Having everyone in the office sign a greeting card is standard procedure, and you can go above and beyond with a thoughtful gift. An impressive present is the perfect way to make your work baby shower extra special for the parent-to-be.

Your work baby shower is a unique and special event. It gives your team the chance to connect and celebrate something bigger and more important than your day-to-day business: a new little person coming into the world!

The best time is at least 1-2 months before her due date to ensure that she still has a window to enjoy the event. Consider simply asking her when is most convenient for her to have a baby shower; she may be swamped with work, doctor appointments, and other responsibilities, so take those into account.

Is there someone in your staff responsible for planning office parties? This colleague holds the key to most of the amenities that will come in handy for a perfect baby shower. Like a room, tables, and chairs, among others. Work closely with them to delegate duties for the party, such as decorating, and sending invitations.

Most office relationships are usually based on mutual respect and civility, so consider that when inviting other colleagues. This is especially important if you work in a huge corporation with hundreds of employees; you do not want people who barely know her to crash her event.

Again, this will also stretch your resources. Office showers are for coworkers and spouses only; plus, there will always be a last-minute cancellation. Also, consider making it a co-ed baby shower so that she feels comfortable.

Visit a dollar store and pick out some lovely baby-shower-themed napkins, cups, and plates to bring in the festive aspect. You can also bring a 'Mom-To-Be' sash and place it on your colleague for the duration of the shower. Again, there is nothing better than decorations that double up as gifts. Onesies will make adorable decorations, then after, she gets to take them home!

The best food for an office baby shower would need to be filling yet portable, so consider having simpler recipes and convenience food like rotisserie chicken, olives, salami, and packed breadsticks. The cake is to be expected at every shower, however minimalist, so do not leave that out!

You can also include some simple snacks, coffee, juice, and other nibbles over which attendees can enjoy as they chat during the shower. Again, this is the office, so alcohol is a no-no. Besides, why do you have wine if the honoree cannot enjoy it?

Many companies organize potlucks to encourage cohesion and teamwork among colleagues. In addition to improving communication and other work-related affairs, a lunch potluck is a fantastic way to celebrate your colleague and her new baby.

A potluck with the baby-shower themed cups and plates will be incredibly memorable for her. Designate roles to your colleagues (who will bring dessert, appetizers, and drinks) and look forward to making her day.

What is a baby shower without presents? In addition to the office card with everyone's signature, consider making the day extra successful for her using tasteful, yet useful gifts like high-quality swaddling blankets, car seats, diapers, and bath toys. You can also have simple gifts for mum that will not overwhelm her desk at work, like a miniature statue or potted plant which she can either take home or keep at her desk to remind her of the occasion.

An office shower is one sure way to make your expectant colleague feel valued by her workmates and the organization she works hard for. Use the ideas above to make her shower even extra memorable despite the limitations the office can bring.

For office showers on a budget, instead of placing individual food orders for each guest, have the shower catered by a local restaurant that everyone enjoys or pick up snacks, apps, and dessert from a nearby grocery store and arrange everything on serving trays for added elegance.

Purchase paint and mini mason jars from your local craft store and flowers from a local grocery store or flower market, then paint the exterior of the mason jar to match your decor. Trim the stems of the flowers to fit the mason jars, then arrange each one on the end of your baby shower station.

Fans of The Office meet Astrid Levinson, the daughter of Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) and tennis star Andy Roddick, in the Season 5 episode, "Baby Shower." Except Astrid actually attends the baby shower that's being thrown for her mom, Jan, because Jan chose not to tell Michael she'd already given birth. Cold.

"I love it so much. Angela is preparing this poster board full of baby photos because they're going to play a game where you have to guess which baby photo belongs to which employee," Fischer explained. "And Andy comes in and he mistakes Phyllis' baby photo for Angela. Will you please tell me about shooting the scene, Angela?"

Have a super busy work day and no time to for coworkers to get together? Set up a grab and go baby shower outside the classroom or office of a coworker. Guests can stop by and grab a treat and leave a gift for the parent-to-be.

This pop by baby shower set up is a bit different from the typical drop in baby shower. At a drop by baby shower, the guests may show up whenever they want and stay for however long they want. At a drop and go shower, there may be the possibility of no visiting at all.

If it is easier for your coworkers or friends to make it to an event earlier in the day as opposed to later, consider hosting a breakfast baby shower. A breakfast baby shower also works great for church showers! Schedule the shower for an hour before or after your normal church time, and guests can drop in before or after services.

For an in-person office baby shower, try using a large conference room or other communal space in the office, like a breakroom. For a party off of company property, consider reserving a few tables together at a nearby restaurant!

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Darryl: You should stop calling yourself "baby daddy."Michael: Why, Darryl, because I'm quote white quote unquote?Darryl: Because you're not a daddy, and it's not your baby.Michael: Well-Darryl: You feel connected to his baby over there?Michael: It's ... that's different.Darryl: You feel connected to this? [holds up a back brace]Michael: That's not a baby.Darryl: You want to hold me, to see how you feel?Michael: Could I?Darryl: No.

Michael: Hey guys.Darryl: What's up, Mike?Michael: Uh, I need some advice from one baby daddy to another.Darryl: You a baby daddy?Michael: Yeah, I a baby daddy. Um, when you first became a baby daddy, did you have an immediate connection with that baby? Like, the first time that you held it, did you find that with your baby baby?Darryl: Hell yeah. You know why? Because that was my baby. 041b061a72

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