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[S2E17] Torn

Present:Mary Elizabeth Sims, a Birmingham wife, mother, and aspiring writer, reaches out to her estranged childhood friend Rene Jackson, a prominent Washington attorney, when she returns home upon the death of her father. The friends reconcile, and Rene decides to remain in Birmingtham and take over her father's law practice.Past:It's 1962, and Mary Elizabeth and Rene strike up a friendship over a shoplifted pack of cigarettes. Rene, a recent transplant from Detroit, has difficulty adjusting to the segregated South.

[S2E17] Torn

Rene is sued for malpractice by a former client and his wife; so she hires Joe Lozano, an attractive attorney to whom she rents office space, to defend her. However, Rene learns that the way Joe wins cases isn't all that ethical....M.E.'s daughter, Kelly, dyes her hair black and hangs goth paraphernalia in her room. While M.E. struggles to accept Kelly's new lifestyle, Kelly insists that being into goth has nothing to do with contemplating suicide. M.E. also worries that Kelly doesn't want to go to college.Past: After attending a service at a Baptist church with Rene, M.E. decides to convert from Catholicism, which makes her mother furious.

Present:Lakeisha misrepresents herself as an attorney in Rene's office to help out the non-profit Girls at Risk program, and Rene fires her. Nevertheless, Rene agrees to serve as her character witness when Lakeisha is brought up before the Bar Association. After Lakeisha expresses remorse for what she's done, the Bar Association puts her on probation, and Rene agrees to rehire her. While Colliar is away on a job, M.E. is mugged at gunpoint at work and suffers from post traumatic stress. After getting back together with Bill, Rene realizes that she no longer has any feelings for him, and ends the relationship for good.Past:Lured by lots of easy cash, Rene and M.E. agree to act as lookouts for a small time crook, and learn to play poker in the process. Flush with money and their new-found skill, they challenge Colliar and Tully to a friendly game of cards. When they lose everything to Tully and he threatens to squeal on them if they don't pay up, they are forced to scramble for ways t

Present:M.E. and Colliar are torn when they discover that their friend and neighbor is a convicted pedophile, and they struggle to contain the hysteria that envelops the community; Rene meets opposition from her mother and the historical society when she begins to renovate her office. She's finally convinced to change her plans when her mother lets in her on some momentous events that occurred there.Past:Rene accidentally hits Johnny's prized baseball into the yard of a mysterious neighbor whom M.E. is convinced is a murderer living in a haunted house. When Rene gathers up the courage to retrieve the ball, both girls are in for a surprise, and a valuable lesson.

Rene and M.E. take a road trip that turns sour when they are car-jacked and Rene is arrested for car theft. When Rene calls Lakeisha for help, she discovers that she has been asked to run for district attorney. At home, Colliar struggles to hold things together when Kelly loses Rene's dog and Davis announces he wants to be a priest.Past: M.E. and Rene explore the possible existence of aliens

When interviewing a Baptist minister for an article, M.E. discovers he doesn't practice what he preaches. Now a candidate for district attorney, Rene faces her first critics when she refuses to drop a client who is an illegal alien.Past: M.E. threatens to break up with Colliar if he doesn't let her join his band. She's surprised when he dumps her.

Colliar tells M.E. that he's moving out. When he returns after a few days with an idea to give Kelly and Ajoni $5,000 so they can get their own place, everyone is furious with him and accuse him of being a racist. M.E. and Colliar have a huge fight which ends with M.E. moving into Rene's house; Meanwhile, Rene represents the a woman who accuses the new district attorney's nephew of rape.Past: A bewildered M.E. and Rene watch Colliar and Henry become supercompetitive at the Spring Fair.

A tornado ravages the Sims house while M.E. and Rene are trapped inside Rene's law office with a parolee. In the past, Sara discovers that young Rene is dating an ""older man,"" and Teresa contracts chicken pox.

Present:As M.E. visits Fillmore to speak with Davis's teachers about his slipping grades in the aftermath of the tornado, she is caught in the middle of a school shooting; shocked and devastated by having to watch a student die in the gunfire, M.E. turns to food for comfort; after Rene suffers an arrhythmia while they're on a date, Turk insists that she see a cardiologist; on the strength of the article M.E. writes about the shooting, Glenn offers her a weekly column; Rene inspires her neighbor Muriel to take the positive step of creating an animal rescue organization after Muriel's beloved dog is accidentially put to death at the pound.Past:Colliar is bullied and beaten when he supports Rene's running for Freshman Class Representative; after trying to help Colliar during the beating and getting a black eye herself, M.E. is angry when he succumbs to pressure and votes against Rene.

Present:After M.E. is selected for jury duty, she mounts a one-woman jury nullification campaign when she refuses to convict an elderly woman who was charged with drug trafficking for growing and distributing marijuana to cancer patients; Rene represents Charley Majors when the U.S. Attorney's Office goes after him for painting pictures of U.S. currency; M.E. continues to meet with a therapist to uncover the reasons for her eating disorder; Rene wonders exactly what she and Turk are to each other, and begins to pull away when he introduces her to his former flame as a ""friend and colleague""; Turk tells her he loves her and is determined not to let her go, even though she is afraid to get close to him; after a few days apart, Rene realizes how much she loves him, and they are reunited.Past:M.E.'s and Rene's teacher begins to date Uncle Jimmy, and Rene suffers the consequences when they tell her that he's a member of the Klan.

Iris wakes up the next morning to find a scar on her elbow, which convinces her that what happened yesterday was definitely not a dream. She tells everything to her friends, after which Thalia helps restore the appearance of her savior and they all go to the scene together, then the princesses found torn beads and fragments of a crystal. They fail to find out the identity of Iris's savior, the girl goes home, and when the beads are drawn to Aunt Ellen's room, she finds an Ephidian mask there.

Eli urges Young to take the colony on board, since, regardless of their relationship to the crew, they are human. Wray notes that the colony has done everything to help Destiny despite their own desperate situation. Young isn't convinced they could transport that many people, but Eli believes it would be possible. The trip would take a week and it would drain most of their lime reserves, leaving them right back where they started, but they'd make it. Rush argues against the idea, since they have no guarantees that Novus would possess the needed resources, or even be habitable after all this time. He asks about the cause of the problems on Novus, which is suspected to be a rogue black hole. The entire solar system could be torn apart, though such a process could be hundreds of years off. Rush adds that they don't know how the drones followed them, so they can't risk a drain on resources. Young decides against taking the colony, but will stop by Novus to repair the gate if possible. 041b061a72

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