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Antigravity Heroes Download Torrent VERIFIED

I got to thinking about torrents. By itself it is no better a distribution for this documentary than Youtube or Google. But, I could name my torrents popular movies and television shows like a Game of Thrones, Mr Robot, or Captain American Civil War. These fake torrents would get downloaded and people would see the documentary. Sure they might not watch it but with a catchy intro that pulls in the viewer I am sure I could get a bunch of people hooked into watching the whole thing and redistributing the torrents to other people as well.

Antigravity Heroes Download Torrent

I had to download some torrent software and set up a port on my router to allow me to upload the torrents to the top twenty five torrent sites on the net like the pirate bay, kickasstorrents, and torrentz. For a trial run I downloaded a computer programming book from the piratebay and let my torrent program upload to other torrenters. I was lucky, in the U.S. upload speeds tend to suck but in the Netherlands upload speeds are fast. The torrenting program was working perfectly.

ASE detected other torrents for other movies, TV shows, and books coming from one IP. After rapidly downloading the torrents ASE discovered they were additional copies of the Forbidden Technology documentary.

With any luck a grassroots campaign of pirates would tell others who would tell others and so on to all download the forbidden technology documentary torrents. With any luck reports will filter out to blogs which will be covered by internet magazines up through to mainstream media web sites to the ultimate, TV stations like 24 hour news stations such as CNN and Fox News.

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